Amazon DSP Accounting Services

If you’re an Amazon DSP owner in Atlanta, Georgia, your success has likely raised your bookkeeping needs to a whole new level.

Amazon DSP Owners Have Unique Accounting Needs

Amazon DSP owners like you are entrepreneurs who have seized a remarkable opportunity to reach millions of shoppers. They've grown their businesses and realized new profitability, all with the support and tools provided by one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Your Bookkeeping Needs Have Changed

A recent study found that Amazon accounts for 39% of America’s online shopping. Access to that kind of volume creates a significant change in your accounting and bookkeeping needs. FSL Tax & Accounting Services LLC is dedicated exclusively to helping Amazon DSP owners like you to manage the expansion in your business, providing indispensable guidance on sales tax, financials, bookkeeping and tax preparation.

Amazon DSP Accounting Services

Our attention to detail is a point of pride, and so is the knowledge and expertise that we provide to clients as they navigate this entirely new selling experience. There are few things more rewarding than witnessing and facilitating the success that being an Amazon DSP owner can bring. FSL Tax & Accounting Services LLC is here to answer all of your questions and respond quickly to all of your needs.


“Mr. Lynch is a fantastic accountant. He takes his time, answers any question, and gives sound advice. I am a small startup, and I told him about my new venture. Frederick's first words were, " We make it through the process."”

Jerone S.

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